Wednesday, 7 January 2009

YoB: #16, #17 & #18

At my mother's house with a Thai takeaway:

Biere d'or des Flandres
I don't know anything about this beer and when it was thrust into my hand by my step-father I didn't bother scrutinising the label. It's one of those tiddly little bottles beloved of Johnny-foreigner of a French persuasion. Not unpleasant, no off-flavours but still a canoe beer.

Hawkshead Lakeland Gold 4.4%, 500ml bottle. Bears a passing resemblance to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale but is more rough round the edges and possessed of a character that may well be described as "abrasive."

Brewdog Punk IPA  6% - We all know this is a modern classic so I won't bang on about flavour. What I do really like about Brewdog is their studious avoidance of tedious ink-wasting favoured by more unimaginative brewers such as "finest traditional ale brewed from the choicest malt and hops."

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