Saturday 2 December 2006

Crown Posada, Newcastle – Overrated?

Been visiting this pub on-and-off for 20 yrs but never quite got it.

OK, it's pretty, the beer's good but not exceptional (try asking for a sparkler to be removed and risk being sneered to death), it's unbearably cramped.

Most recent visit - pint of Gladiator was oxidised (damp cardboard flavour) and sour - a strong case for a replacement and an apology. I polite complaint was met with "my wife's been drinking it all night", "it's perfectly clear", "it was delivered three days ago" all delivered with f*ck-off-don't-bother-me body language. Our pints weren't replaced, and we left.

Very typical of an attitude all to common in the pub world - the customer is always wrong.