Thursday 9 December 2010

My TV Debut: The New Rowley Birkin

It's not like me to go blowing my own trumpet about being a "beer expert", let alone a "leading beer expert", as if it's some kind of competition. In particular, when encountering the alchemists who actually brew the stuff I'm more than happy to STFU and remain humble in my ignorance.

But "beer expert" is what Lakes TV have called me for a Rowley Birkin scene about beer for Christmas shot in one of my favourite local pubs in my South Cumbrian homelands, The Queens Arms at Biggar Village.

You can watch it here (you'll need to follow the link that bears my name as there isn't a specific URL).

You can also catch it on proper telly, Sky 203, at 8pm this evening (Thu 9th December).

Rowley Birkin