Tuesday 28 February 2012

Wanna Judge Beer? - Update

Here's the list of beers to be judged on Thursday 1st March for the Lancashire Cup. There will be others (including keg lager!) but being from outside Lancashire they don't qualify for judging.

Could those people who indicated via the comments on the previous post that they might like to judge please contact me by email to confirm? Thanks.

Bank Top Gold Digger 4%
Bank Top Dark Mild 4
Barngates Red Bull Terrier 4.8
Barngates Pride of Westmoreland 4.1
Coniston Blacksmith's Ale 5
Coniston No9 Barley Wine 8.5
Coniston Infinity IPA 6
Coniston Special Oatmeal Stout 4.5
Coniston Bluebird 3.6
Cross Bay Zenith 5
Cross Bay Winter Moon 3.6
Cross Bay Dusk 4.5
Cross Bay Witching Hour 4.4
Cross Bay Sunset 4.2
Cross Bay Nightfall 3.8
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Langdale 4
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Loweswater Gold 4.3
Fallons Hex Original 5
Fallons Angelic War 3.8
Fuzzy Duck Cunning Stunt 4.3
Fuzzy Duck Pheasant Plucker 4.2
Greenodd Best Bitter 4.1
Greenodd Citra 4
Hopstar Smokey Joes Black Beer 4
Hopstar Dizzy Dannyale 3.8
JW Lees The Governor 3.8
Kirkby Lonsdale The Dark Arts 4.7
Kirkby Lonsdale Stanley's 3.8
Lancaster Red 4.9
Lancaster Black 4.6
Lancaster Blonde 4.1
Lancaster Amber 3.7
Mayflower Lancashire Stout 4
Mayflower  Lemon Head 3.9
Moorhouses Blonde Witch 4.5
Moorhouses Premier Bitter 3.7
Prospect Brewery Nutty Slack 3.9
Prospect Brewery Blinding Light 4.2
Rossendale Brewery Halo Pale 4.5
Rossendale Brewery Glen Top 4
Rossendale Brewery Floral Dance 3.8
Stringers No2 Stout 4
Stringers The North Will Rise Again 4.9
Three B's Stokers Slate 3.6
Three B's  Bobbins Bitter 3.8
Thwaites Brewery Lancaster Bomber 4.4
Thwaites Brewery Wainwright 4.1
Thwaites Brewery Triple C 4.2

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Wanna Judge Beer?

Once again I'm leading the judging for the Lancaster Beer Festival awarding the "Lancashire Cup".

This beer festival was formerly know as the Lanacster Round Table Beer Festival, and it is now in its 23rd year.

The dates are March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Here's the website: http://www.lancasterbeerfest.org/

The judging will take place at Lancaster Town Hall on March 1st – and we have vacancies for judges.

If you can be in Lancaster (at your own expense, sorry – it is a charidee gig) on March 1st and you feel you know your beer then get in touch.

Some things I look for in a beer judge:

Open-mindedness: If you've ever uttered something like "all lager is rubbish" or "all keg beer is rubbish" then you should think again. As it happened, last year we had no lager or keg beer but nonetheless, to be an open-minded beer judge you will NOT have written off beers in these categories purely because of some dogma you have swallowed.

Open-mindedness: If you live by restrictive self-impose rules, e.g. "I never drink beer that is over 4%" or "I never drink stout", you're probably not cut out to be a judge.

Open-mindedness: you are intrigued by every new beer you encounter, regardless of style or country of origin.

A willingness to treat beer judging seriously. If, upon reading this, you thought something like "great, that'll be a laugh, pissing it up on free beer for day, count me in" then we don't want you.