Thursday, 22 October 2009

Desperate Enterprise?

My mother called to let me know a leaflet had been delivered to her house which she thought must be for me because it was about pubs.

I asked her to scrutinise it – no it bore no name or address, it was just junk-mail accompanied by takeaway menus and handyman leaflets.

Yes it was about pubs – Enterprise Inns.

It seems Enterprise has taken to door-to-door leaflet drops to try to sell their poisoned leases to retired professionals!

Here's some blurb:

"Enterprise Inns is coming to your area in the next few weeks, to answer all your questions about running a pub business and to tell you how they could turn your dream into reality [read: 'redundancy money etc into thin air']."
"At these forthcoming information days you will meet our Regional Managers, who have many years of experience in the pub trade. They will talk to you about what it takes to run a successful pub business and will tell you about all the training and support offered by enterprise Inns that will help you get started. They'll also show you full details of all the available pubs in your area."

Funnily enough, I advised my mother (second hip replacement next week) to resist Enterprise's tempting offer.

I feel an urge to sign up for one of their brainwashing days armed with the BEC Report in the pubcos – with all the nasty details highlighted. I feel I have a duty to protect the innocent.


Steve said...

Go on turn up and have a go, maybe wearing a sandwich board and a "Golf Sale" type sign.

Steve said...

Second thoughts, it might be more of a video camera in hold-all sort of job.

Unknown said...

...can I come too....

Jeff Pickthall said...

These are the Cumbria dates. I can do the 27th. Dave?

King Alfred
Ocean Road, Walney Island,
Barrow in Furness LA14 3DU
27th October 2009, 11am - 3pm

Union Tavern
159 Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4RF
10th November 2009, 11am - 3pm

King Alfred
Ocean Road, Walney Island,
Barrow in Furness LA14 3DU
26th November 2009, 11am - 3pm

Rob Sterowski said...

Excellent, please do this!

Tandleman said...

Now you're talking Jeff. Yes. Do it.

Jeff Pickthall said...

Can anyone lend me a spy-camera gadget?

I expect I can rig up some covert sound recording.