Friday, 22 October 2010

Doing My Bit For The Beer Cause

I've just received a copy of a book I've contributed too. 

I'm quite flattered to get a piece into a book whose predecessor sold 150,000 copies to a mainstream readership who might not otherwise be exposed to propaganda for good beer.

The piece is a rather general "why not try beer with Christmas food?" sort of thing, not really written for a beer-specialist audience. I half expect some "you should have mentioned such-and-such" comments when you people see it. It did originally contain a few more juicy recommendations and some advice on where to find good beer but the editor deemed it surplus to requirements. Instead, a paragraph was added to the end (as if written by me) on the subject of wine – a subject about which I freely admit to knowing bugger all about.

It's a lovely book with lots of nice pictures and Christmas recipes. Many will receive a copy on Christmas Day, but that's a bit late to be swatting up on Christmas comestibles and the shops are closed so go out and buy a copy now.

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