Sunday, 4 January 2009

YoB: #10

Mordue Geordie Pride, 4.2%

Served in the Cluny, Newcsatle-upon Tyne.

My initial perception was of a big blast of diacetyl - an off-flavour I really can't stand. I can detect the merest hint of diacetyl from the other end of the street. 

Questioning my own judgement because I'd been eating spicy food and the icy North Eastern weather was distracting, I persevered. With more mouthfuls thankfully the diacetyl seemed to decline to a more acceptable level (such as that found in Fullers London Pride) and the genuine flavour became apparent. I'm normally a fan of Mordue beers but this one wasn't too memorable - a fairly standard bitter of 4.2% with a soft mouthfeel that made me think there might be oats in there somewhere.

The Cluny's an interesting place. It is part of the Head of Steam chain of pubs which are all known for their good beer. The clientele is a sprinkling of students, and importantly, the kind of people that many Newcastle students turn into - arts, public sector and media. The contrarian in me urges me to see what would happen if I was to ostentatiously read the Telegraph in there - I expect I'd be lynched in a non-violent, vegetarian, organic holier-than-thou sort-of way. 

As someone with a long-standing fascination with who-drinks-what-and-why it is evident to me that this demographic demands good beer but they prefer imports. Three, and sometimes as many as six cask ales are available but I look around and I see large numbers of people drinking Liefmans, Duvel-lite and other quality imports, draught and bottle.

p.s. I don't actually read the Telegraph. I can't abide reading about cringeworthy middle-class people fretting about school fees - I just want to shout in their faces "private education is not cumpulsory!".


Tandleman said...

Told you about these Mordue beers, but would you listen? (-;

Jeff Pickthall said...

Pah! A one-off!

Actually, the Cluny's had a change of manager a few a months ago and everyone's commented on the general decline in the standard of its cask ales.

Stonch said...

Private education is pretty much compulsory in the North East.