Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I Wouldn't Normally ... OK, Go On Then...

...I'll have a copy of the Spectator.

In it you'll find a piece "Don't worry – drink and be merry"by Canadian journalist Leah McLaren who evidently spends a lot of time in the UK.

I hope it registers with the main protagonist in neo-prohibitionism – the Government, and the uncritical mass-media: the BBC, the Daily Mail, The Independent...and many more.

While I've got your attention, "Labour’s fixation with control is strangling everyone" in the Times is also worth a read.


Tandleman said...

Good article Jeff, but sadly not meeting the mood of the moment, no matter how true it is. Thanks for pointing it out.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Jeff why the surprise that the Spectator goes off-piste, it’s a good magazine; surely the left doesn’t have a monopoly on the celebration of inebriation.

Jeff Pickthall said...


p12 of that issue is what bothers me – Melanie Bloody Philips who, with Jan Moir, Richard Littlejohn, Peter Hitchens and your chum Liz Jones are the Axis of Daily Mail Evil.

I might be a liberal but bloody hell, I'll twat anyone who calls me "woolly".

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

You get lefties writing for the Specttor as well, and doesn’t some Guardianista write for the Mail? Hitchens I reckon is certifiably mad, but then he’s an ex Trot so what do you expect, extremes attract. As for LJ, she is the Valdomor of around here