Friday 12 March 2010

Facepalm Moment

Perhaps I'm mellowing in my advancing years, I'm not wound up by CAMRA activities quite so much as I used to be. Perhaps CAMRA is getting better.

Now and again though, something comes along that creates that special facepalm feeling that only CAMRA can provide.

Last night I visited the Prince of Wales at Foxfield, South Cumbria's premier hardcore CAMRA hangout. In there I picked up the latest edition of the local branch's newsletter, "Furness Inn-Quirer" (geddit?).

An article on the Lancaster Brewery caught my eye. It was a familiar story – branch members hop on a train to visit a brewery and gawp gormlessly, gasping for free pints while the kindly brewer talks them through mash tuns and FVs.

The author provides a quick description of Lancaster's four key beers. One is described thusly:

"...and not for the faint hearted, is Lancaster Red, which at 4.9% is a premium strength, ruby red beer with a spicy, malty aroma and a smooth taste."

Yes you did read that correctly – 4.9%, not for the faint hearted.

Beggars belief, doesn't it?


Baron Orm said...

The statement in the mag highlights the whole 'session beer' issue almost suggesting that beers should not be that strong.

Since getting into ale over the past few years I've found that I normally enjoy the 5%+ beers more than the 3-4% ones - the tastes and aromas are that much 'larger'.

I completely agree with you, what would they say about some of BrewDog's latest adventures?!?

Sat In A Pub said...

Hmmm. As 4.9% is significantly higher vol than the average session Bitter, I don't think the comment is too outrageous. Most people would get the meaning and it is only a personal view in a local magazine. Calm down:)