Monday 23 March 2009

Life as a Non-Beerophile

I have a TIVO video recorder (TIVOs are to SKY+ as Macs are to PCs but they're sadly no longer available in the UK). I can give it keywords to automatically record programmes. Naturally my keyword list includes beer and brewery. The other night it picked up a dreadful programme about a coachload of Brit tourists who have to vote each other off the trip for things like B.O. or having a Birmingham accent.

Anyway, the coach trip travelled to Belgium where our intrepid travellers visited the Cantillon Brewery. Cantillon beers aren't to everyone's taste and they come as a shock to the novice beerophile. Here we see "normal" people sampling Cantillon – pleasant viewing it ain't.


Unknown said...

Lambic beers sure take some getting used to. I'm hoping I might be moving into the intermediate category of beerophile as I'm still a way to go to fully "get" lambic.

However, cow shit? never got that in any lambic I tasted.

John West said...

I have tried and tried and tried to like Cantillon beers - mostly because people whose opinions I respect wax lyrical. I daresay I'll give it another pop - but I'm sorry, I don't get it at all. Too much stomach acid tang for my liking.

Love Girardin beers, though, so it's not a lambic thing per se.

Tandleman said...

I love them. See recent post on my blog.

Tandleman said...

Just watched the clip. Quite unsurprising in lots of ways. As you say, pleasant viewing, it ain't.

Well done for these two clips Jeff. You are on a roll here!