Tuesday, 10 March 2009

YoB goes Twitter.

Keen followers may have noticed that my YoB seems to have dried up.

Yes ... and no.

I'm still emailing my blog list with beery messages. In fact, there's a backlog of twenty or so waiting to be polished up. When they're done I'll be moving over to this Twitter malarkey thingummy – fortunately fumbly illiteracy is allowed there so I won't have to do any editing.

What I won't be doing is calling posts "Tweets" as the word reminds me of "the Tweets" who were responsible for a minor crime against humanity – the execrable "Birdie Song".

[BTW "The Birdie Song" is still popular in the tents at Oktoberfest 28 yrs after it was an international hit.]


Anonymous said...

Give up on Twiiter it's for children and the vainglorious.

Unknown said...

The birdy song is indeed a most offensive piece of rubbish.