Friday, 28 August 2009

I Just Got Dem Recession Brews, Oh Yeah Baby!

But seriously folks, I'm doing a bit of research – and you can help.

To save me poring through countless websites and publications could you kind people provide me with names of any UK breweries that have come into existence in the past year or so since the credit crunch thingy?

I suspect it is a lower number than in previous years or CAMRA would have been trumpeting it as evidence of the alleged success of their "campaigning", instead they chose to trumpet that they have recruited (or bamboozled) their one hundred thousandth member.

[BTW 100,000 in base 19 is EB03. Doesn't sound quite so exiting does it?]


The Beer Nut said...

Clanconnel went into production late last year. Without any help from CAMRA, incidentally.

Unknown said...

Stringers is the only one I can think of recently. I'm guessing you already know about that one.

Anecdotally, I'd agree with your underlying theory.

Andy said...

Sambrooks in London started in late 2008 I believe. Another one coming in London in next few months.

Jeff Pickthall said...

@Woolly Dave: If I recall correctly Stringers has been around for two years now.

@BN r.e. Clanconnel, I thought "great website" then I read "We're committed to bringing you a select range of quality handcrafted beers, brewed by traditional methods, using only the finest natural ingredients." I hope their beer is more interesting than their words.

Crown Brewery said...

The Brew Co sheffield nearly 18 months i think

StringersBeer said...

Jeff, we first brewed July 2008, which makes us 13 months old by my reckoning. You'll find most everything you need via quaffale maybe.

Furness beer festival in Ulverston this week - trade session on thursday 4 til 7 or something - you going?