Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wetherspoons Misinformation?

Now I'm not one of those pub-goers that screams "Trading Standards" at every minor infraction of some petty rule but this poster did catch my eye. It seems to be saying Guinness, John Smiths Extra Smooth and Strongbow are lagers.

Evidence of the cheapo shoddiness rather than an attempt to deceive I would think.

Yes, observant readers, this does mean I've set foot in a Wetherspoons again. All in the line of duty. I'm sorry.


Unknown said...

It's incredible how many people classify anything that is keg as a lager and anything that is hand-pulled a bitter.

Rob Sterowski said...

It's trying to fit too much information on one poster is what it is. I think you're supposed to read it in order rather than as a whole. You have your five lagers, then the information that these five lagers are cooled with liquid nitrogen or whatever it is they do. Then you have everything else.

My favourite Wetherspoons howler is a similar poster advertising the price of a pint of Deuchars IPA. The person doing it clearly wasn't aware that Deuchars is pale in colour and stuck the price on a generic pint of brown bitter.