Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Solution

There you have it. The odd one out is LAGER. Who would have thunk it?

Imagine a beer festival, maybe in Germany or the Czech Replublic. Imagine the wordsearch in reverse: ale is the odd one out. How would that be perceived by CAMRA types? The organisers would be accused of outright ignorance, and worse. Imagine the chorus of indignation: "What about ale's multitude of splendiferous variations - e.g. Golden Ale, Best, Light Bitter, Barley Wine, IPA, Mild, Porter, Old Ale, Stout?" they would splutter.

Looking on the brightside, "Wordsearchgate" has
given me an excuse to embed a video of one of my heroes.


Cooking Lager said...

The Hun drink ale. Tis called "alt", I believe.

Unknown said...

Oh, so it's the lager yeast that is evil. I guess it does tend to skulk around in the bottom of the fermenter, highly suspicious activity for a yeast cell.

Just as I was starting to give lager more careful thought. It's a good job CAMRA is there to keep me on track.

Whorst said...

The odd one out, "lager" is in a pretty broad spectrum. I'd say it's very poor on their part to treat it like an evil stepchild. They assume everyone knows they're referring to chemical fizz. CAMRA, stop hating on the lager!

scissorkicks said...

For once I'm in total agreement with Sausage. What makes this even more ridiculous is that BSF was, as ever, the most interesting bar at the GBBF, and there was plenty of lager on show there.

And Cookie Monster makes the CAMRA Goblins/Thought Police look normal!

As ever, I say all this as a member - but an increasingly shamed member.

Unknown said...

scissorkicks, I think that is being horrible to the Cookie Monster.

Rob said...

I also agree with sausage, and am in admiration of Cookie monster, he rules