Tuesday 22 September 2009

Beer Politics Survey Preliminary Results

With 57 survey forms in this is how the left/right, libertarian/authoritarian spread looks.

The survey will stay open possibly indefinitely.

As you can see most of us beer fans are reasonably liberal and somewhat left.

A thought occurs to me: the Political Compass is American (I think). If it was British, would the weighting of the survey be different? I suspect the vertical axis would be shifted to some degree to the left reflecting the difference between what counts as the centre in the UK (or Western Europe) and the US.

Just a thought.

Tune in later for more analysis.

B.T.W. I won't be mentioning anyone by name.

[I've just installed Snow Leopard OS on my iMac – result: Excel isn't working. Thanks Microsoft]


Curmudgeon said...

The scores on the economic axis underline the strong left-wing element that has characterised CAMRA since its inception. In the 1970s the likes of Protz were even advocating nationalising the brewing industry, and the upsurge of entrepreneurialism represented by the micro-brewery revolution very much took them by surprise.

Cooking Lager said...

Not mentioning people by name? What a cop out. Who is most like Hitler?

Jeff Pickthall said...


Hold your horses!

24 of 58 people declared "never been a member".

I'll be getting on to that but Excel's refusing to cooperate with my new OS.

Unknown said...

NO! leave the axis where it is, I'm comfortable being slightly left of center.

Curmudgeon said...

Jeff, I think it's true of the wider beer enthusiast community, not exclusively members of CAMRA.

Also true in the US, although anti-drink campaigning is less of a predominantly left-wing cause there than it is here.

Sat In A Pub said...


The Political Compass is a well respected and well researched application. Moving the axis for perceived regional differences would actually skew the results. The beauty of it is that it is designed to operate within the parameters of any Western democracy model. Thereby allowing for a like for like comparison. So, your results will be directly comparable to someone who took the test in the USA.

Providing everyone tells the truth, it's an interesting exercise.