Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Teddy Thrown Out of St Albans Pram - Shock.

Watching the Oz and James series I noticed that CAMRA hadn't got a look-in and I predicted that St Albans wasn't going to be too chuffed.

And here it is. 


Anonymous said...

In his opening paragraph Roger admits most people have heard of CAMRA, then surely the problem isn't awareness, it's presentation.

And in presentation terms his post looks petulant, prissy and fragile. He might not be CAMRA but many people will view him as such and this Angry Of St Albans stuff looks silly.

In my opinion anyway.

Jeff Pickthall said...

I understood when Michael Jackson described RP as a "professional malcontent" - I see this as a classic example.

After 18 years, or whatever it is, since beer got some sympathetic coverage on UK TV, now is not the time to have a fit about who or what got mentioned, as you say, it's petulant and prissy.

CAMRA is not the story, beer is.

If indeed "CAMRA is the story" it's well within CAMRA's capability to commission it's own series and pitch it to broadcasters.

RP's "Mr Angry" approach does nothing to enhance perceptions of CAMRA or it's beloved beer.