Tuesday 10 February 2009

YoB: #40

Vratislav (5%) - Cheap proper Czech lager from Tesco. I enjoy this beer, I've usually got a bottle or two lurking in the fridge. It's by no means the best lager I've ever tasted but it's head & shoulders above the industrial dross that dominates the market. I've never noticed any problem with skunkiness despite green glass. Highly recommended for when your mates expect you to have some lager in. I put the name "Vratislav" in Ratebeer and get 6 results - anyone which of the 6 it is?


Anonymous said...

What is the relationship between skunkiness and green glass? I didn't know about this.

Jeff Pickthall said...

Skunkiness a.k.a. lightstruck is a particular off-flavour that occurs when beer is exposed to UV - it's largely prevented by brown glass. Clear glass doesn't prevent it at all.

BTW, Skunkiness is the US term for it.