Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I Fancy a Fictional Beer

Every time I watch My Name is Earl I try to catch the name of the bottled beer the characters drink in the Crab Shack. The label is usually partly hidden by the character's hand.

Tonight I got it. It's "Heisler".

Of course, I expected Heisler to be entirely fictional. What I didn't expect, as revealed by Google, is that Heisler has appeared in dozens, if not hundreds of TV programmes and films.

The Germanic name may be a nod toward Budweiser, but the graphic design says to me "craft beer".

Everybody seems to drink straight from the bottle so we don't get to see the fictional colour of the beer. I'd like to think it's an amber, something like Anchor Steam. I'd drink it.


Whorst said...

It's probably adjunct ridden lager, made with 80% corn and 20% six row. carbonated to 6.5 volumes of extraneous co2.

Bailey said...

Good job. I'm also a fan of fictional beer. I spent a few minutes last year trying to pause an episode of MNIE at just the right place to read the label, but failed.

I imagine if Budweiser ponied up the cash for a bit of product placement, Heisler would disappear pretty sharpish.

Leigh said...

great label...