Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Moreish Mordue

As I suspected , rumours of the demise of Mordue were unfounded. Indeed, founder Matt Fawson confirmed as much when I bumped into him at the GBBF.

A rare treat, I was delighted to find Mordue IPA on at the Bridge Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne yesterday. I believe it's the best British beer to bear the designation "IPA" (no disrespect to Meantime and Brewdog whose IPAs are brilliant too). 

While we're on the subject of IPA, make sure you pre-order your copy of Pete Brown's forthcoming book about the IPA style and its history - and do look out for the walk-on role by me in Rio de Janeiro: it's my 15 minutes of fame!


The Woolpack Inn said...

Sounds like a proper IPA. Why is it that there are so many IPA's that are below 4% and don't taste of hops?

That's not right is it?

Alistair Reece said...

I have seen beers labelled at IPA, with the "I" standing for "International" - surely that is completely extracting the urine?

The Woolpack Inn said...

To me "International Pale Ale" sounds like lager..... which is similar to urine.

Alistair Reece said...

Have to disagree with you there, a properly made lager is a good drink - I am thinking here in particular of the lagers from Chodovar or Primator.

Unfortuantely too many people equate lager with Carling, and then get wildly turned on by marginally better swill like Staropramen (it's Czech so it must be good goes the thinking), without ever discovering that lager can indeed be a fantastic beer.

Stonch said...

Jeff, when we met three times within the space of a week, I thought you were stalking me. Now I know you are.

Until last weekend, I hadn't been out in Newcastle for about seven years. On Sunday I put that right with a pub crawl. I visited the Bridge Hotel, where Mordue IPA was on - presumably the same cask. I didn't try it, going for Lees Brewer's Dark (rank, like everything from Lees) and a porter (I forget the name) instead.

Thomas said...

Galway Hooker brew an IPA too, this but this one is an Irish Pale Ale. A entirely new style in these parts, but very welcome.

I'm glad to hear Mordue didn't hit the wall. I visited their brewery while on the Brewlab course at Sunderland University last year and thought them great guys. Their beer wasn't bad either.

Unknown said...

Best British IPA. Thornbridge Jaipur, hands down.