Tuesday 10 February 2009

My Heart Sinks...

...when I see rubbish like this.

What kind of grindingly unfunny "sense of humour" creates this  sort of thing?

Time after time beer drinkers who don't drink cask ale are asked "why don't you drink cask ale?" and time after time imagery is high on the list of dislikes. OK, imagery is a nebulous and ephemeral concept but I'm pretty certain the brand "cask ale" includes beer mats with dismal drawings and contrived wordplay.

It astonishes me that companies like Black Sheep probably have a marketing budget but ill-considered rubbish like this still enters the public domain.

If I was Stevie Wonder I'd sue.


Alistair Reece said...

Is it a "grindingly unfunny 'sense of humour'" or rather a somewhat poor attempt at achieving "cool"? Either way, it is kind of lame, or should that be lamb?

Dazzer said...

Hey Jeff,
Long time no speak !!
I hope you have forigven me for assisinating you in D & D about 26 years ago!!
If you don't want to be a Billy NoMates in Barrow let me know and I will give you my contact details. We can sample a few pubs together one night.
I got a few different bottles of ale from my kids for my Birthday so I will let you know hat I think of them.
Best regards,
Darren Naylor

Jeff Pickthall said...

Shush, don't mention the D&D or my reputation will be ruined!

I try my best to avoid Barrow. Mark and I often go to the Black Dog nr Dalton or have a mooch around Ulverston.

Get me on jeff.pickthall@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...new technology is making it easier and easier to make things look good and yet in real ale marketing there's a huge cringe factor quite often.

Now, some old skool D&D themed ales with matching beer mats-- I'd kind of like to see that.